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Woffice lets you build world-class Intranet / Extranet using the most powerful CMS. Self-hosted and ready to be installed in less than 10 minutes, Woffice can be customized to fit your design and your business' requirements. Enjoy every advantages of the WordPress community with more than 50 000+ available extensions.

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Already used by 12735 organizations world-wide as their Intranet/Extranet Software!

Woffice comes with several built-in demos that you can install in one single click. You can test the available demos here and feel free to challenge any presented feature.

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Years of experience and more than 500 improvements added in the last two years

Innovation is our motto, we would never been that far if Woffice was not bring exiting and unique features.

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Woffice is rated over 4.7 out of 5 by more than 320 reviews. This is because we focus our work on quality and customer care. We strongly believe that your success is our success. All ideas are noted and we also focus on what you need first.

It was REALLY hard to choose the "main reason" for my 5 star rating... the flexibility of this theme is excellent, the coding superb, this theme is TOPS regarding design, it's feature availability is vast, documentation quality is also fantastic, and even though it's clear english is not their first language... I have found this to be a NON issue! The support I've received is above and beyond what I ever would have imagined. From the tiniest tweak to a detailed explanation of what to do to get the results I'm seeking, my questions are answered within a day. I've been able to design straight through without pause due to their magnificent customer service! I am THRILLED to be using this theme and encourage you to do the same if you want an internet/intranet solution. You can check us out at VOTR.Party to see just what you can do with this theme! WhooHOOffice!


One of the best things I have ever bought here at Theme Forest. The support is also amazing. I had an issue with Unyson plugin and it wasn't clear why it wouldn't work no matter what. Woffice guys helped me all along the way and finally came up with a solution. That was and still is a great experience, really. If you're in doubt right now, you can be sure that this theme is definitely a great choice!


Best support ever - fast, friendly and very helpful! Thanks! The theme is very good, too. I am using it for a nice smart intranet solution.


This theme is well-written and just what we need for our intranet. The customer support is great.


I wanted to select multiple reasons, their support has been awesome! Super flexible, ton of features, great code. Love this theme!


Fantastic solution, my client was very happy with this theme.


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These are just the major ones, but you can extend Woffice with thousands extensions.

One-time fee for your self-hosted Woffice with lifetime updates

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Any question? Check out our FAQ

Can I change the colors, fonts and images?

Yes you definitely can. Woffice has been developed from day 0 thinking about user experience and user customization. It has a powerful settings panel which allows to create your custom branded site, changing logo, images, colors, fonts and all of this never touching the code!

Do you provide any discount?

No, we do not provide any discount. We believe our work is about quality and customer care therefore we do not discount these values. You can always contact Envato concerning bulk sales. All the payment and invoicing is provided by Themeforest (Envato).

Can we "merge" all the demos in one site?

Yes, Woffice is the product and the demos you can see are ALL using the same Woffice just with a different setup (colors, plugins, images). You can have an intranet with a shop, online courses and an open blog at the same time.

What does the support include?

Many things. A team of experts here to help you with any question you might have regarding Woffice. Its setup, how to customize it and how to extend it. We cannot create your Intranet for you (as a service) however we will be happy to help as best as we can. We also fix any bug related to Woffice that you report. More details can be found here: Themeforest Item Policy

Do I need to know WordPress?

It is better but definitely not required. WordPress is the first CMS and there are thousands of tutorials and guides to make the process very easy. Moreover, Woffice comes out of the box with a one click installation to get you started within a few minutes. You will also find a complete guide and we are here to help on every step.

Who own my data?

You do. Woffice is a self-hosted software. Your data is saved on your servers and your databases. Therefore it is not on ours.

Do I need to buy any third-party plugin?

No you do not. Woffice already comes with bundled plugins for every feature. Except the online courses which require Learndash and which is not included. Besides this plugin, you are also missing Gravity Forms, as we are unable to bundle it. Otherwise every feature can be achieved with either a bundled plugin (we paid the license for you) or a free one.

Can I set different permissions for different members?

Yes that's easy to do. You have many options to handle the permissions of pages, projects, wikis and all the sections of the site. So you can restrict them by user roles or just by specific user(s).

Is there any recurring fee to pay?

There isn't any recurring payment. The first advance of Woffice is that it's a self-hosted solution, so once you purchase it, it will remains yours forever.

Is there a limited time period for the updates and support?

When you buy a standard license for Woffice, 6 months of support service are already included into the price. In addition you will have a lifetime access to the updates, not only the small fixes but also the major updates containing a lot of new features. It has a powerful settings panel which allows to create your custom branded site, changing logo, images, colors, fonts and all of this never touching the code!

How can I handle my projects with Woffice?

This is one of Woffice's best feature. It comes with a built-it project management system. You can create public or private projects, choose the members, create new tasks and assign specific members to specific tasks. Projects can have files attached, comments and many other details. The cherry on top: your users can do all these things just by front-end, the back-end is not required.

Is Woffice only available in English?

Absolutely not! Woffice is totally "translation ready". In particular it is not only translation ready but it is already translated and ready to be used in many languages. Anyway if you need a missing translation or you want to improve an existing one, you can do it using the language files or using a third-part plugin. Woffice is also compatible with WPML.

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