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do you have an integrated accounting feature. We want to move a customer away from appfolio and they use the accounting / software

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Woffice Kanban Task Privacy

Add a feature to have only Tasks assigned or owned by the logged in user, rendered within the Kanban. Tasks for users that are not part of a project should not be rendered in the Kanban.

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1 vote

Projects View as List

Possibility for a list view of the Projects Window like OKRs. If you have many Projects you have too much sites to view

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3 votes

Task Privacy

Integrate an option in Tasks whereby users can specify members who can view a particular Task.

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Improve Woffice Calendar

Since there are DP Pro Event Calendar and EventOn Calendar almost depecated we need more functionality for Woffice Calendar like the both above had. – Multiple Calendars – Venues – Categories – Events – Better Image Support – Improving and […]

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Change of Birthday Widget Link

The ability to change the link on the birthday widget. Wanting it to link to a user's profile as opposed to the activity of a user.

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Woffice Kanban Task Deletion Confirmation Prompt

When deleting a task in the Kanban, the task is immediately deleted upon clicking on the delete icon. It would be great to include a confirmation prompt prior to the deletion of the task, that a user can confirm.

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