7 Tips For Better Prototypes

I love developing prototypes. I love the challenge of teasing out insights with a super low-fidelity prototype. Most of all I like keeping prototypes squarely focused on reducing risk, and making sure the process benefits the customer. Too often I […]

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8 Trends Shaping Modern Product Management

A brief post to list eight trends that are shaping modern product management. This is based on my personal observations. Your observations may vary. Rise of UX and “consumerification” of the enterprise. Even for B2B the UX bar is set […]

Woffice CRM and Jetpack CRM 5.0

Woffice CRM and Jetpack CRM 5.0: Things you’re missing out on Lead management has long been a challenge and a tricky part of every business, regardless of size. This is why selecting the ideal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool for […]

OKR’s and Objectives for Small Businesses

When people tell you about alignment, it’s the ‘objectives’ that always came into the scene. Naturally, these objectives helped companies envision a clear direction and so it should be absorbed well by each of your teams to ensure that everyone […]

How to land quality leads as an agency and how to organize them (Woffice CRM)

What is a lead? In the most basic term, a lead is an individual/s who showed interest in your products and/or services offered. That interest may vary but in some cases, leads express interest either by sharing their personal information […]

Cold Emailing

“Hey, bud! It looks like you’re looking for a place to stay. I think you might like our apartment, would you like to see it and have a lil tour?” — Before the world embraced technology, you might have encountered […]

Why Agencies need an Effective Project Management Tool

In an ever-changing corporate setup, every organization either big or small scale are ought to adapt to constant changes. These changes can be well represented by technological growth which long conferred an apparent contribution to many organizations. For agencies, in […]

How to be an Effective Project Manager

With most of the things that changed after 2019, Project Managers (PMs) remain to be consistent, going above and beyond. Being an effective PM is not an overnight process particularly with the ongoing pandemic shredding every inch of hope for […]

How to Build a Product Roadmap and communicate it with your users

Gone are the days where Product Managers (PMs) weren’t given a seat at the big table despite its extremely challenging and laborious work. These days, product management is already termed as a “growing and dynamic field.” In fact, according to […]

How not to have Customer Communication Problems

I am certain, the majority will agree — relationships are tough. Not merely because it is difficult to handle, but also because it requires a lot of communication which is crucial in building a solid relationship. Being a good communicator […]