How to be a Good Project Manager

The ultimate roundup of becoming a better PM ‘you might be missing’ Let’s face it —- you can never accept the fact that someone can outdo you in terms of ‘doing better.’ We hate being overlooked! Sometimes, when faced with […]

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Woffice vs. Asana: Which One Should You Use in 2021?

These Days, Project Management Software Or Themes Makes Management Easy For Your Business, Community, School, Government, Or Other Organization. Each Project Management Software/Theme Provides A Unique Feature And Functionality. If You Need Your Project Management Website, You Can Use Any […]

Trello vs. Woffice: Which One Comes Out on Top?

Good Project Management Software Makes Project Planning, Implementation, And Reporting. It Has A Detailed Record, So Everybody Sees Who Is Doing What Or When. Various Project Management Software Offers Features To Support You With Every Phase Of Your Project, Starting […]

The Product Leader’s role in helping teams succeed with OKRs

For some reason, OKR planning in most companies is a stressful moment that we go through each quarter. We need to consider myriads of inputs, definition sessions, and cross-team alignments to create high-quality OKRs for our team. While this is […]

What is your HR Strategy

In an organization, there are two (2) types of customers: external and internal. External customers are those who usually buy goods or services from you. They are the people whose focus is more directed towards seeing your company as a […]

How Kanban View can Optimize Productivity

First off, let me prompt you with a question. Do you remember how you felt traveling with your family, friends, and loved ones? It’s an amazing experience, right? Having fun, doing activities, and going from one place to another. Well, […]

How to build OKR’s Product Results

When getting started with a new project, there is always a question that we seem to hear A LOT. “What would be our objective?” “How are we going to achieve it?” “Do we have all the resources?” Pondering on these […]

Woffice is now a Full Featured Project Management Tool

We can officially say that, WE DID IT! We have been working really hard to move towards the needle. In the last quarter, we have focused a lot to deliver, based on our customer needs. Convert Woffice to a full […]

How to Use the Calendar Widget in Woffice

One of the important features to keep an eye out for when picking an Intranet WordPress theme is a calendar widget.  A calendar widget has many uses. For one thing, it makes appointment booking possible on your website.  Also, a […]

How to Setup Custom Login Page in WordPress Using Woffice?

Using an Intranet WordPress theme like Woffice on your website is one of the best, effective ways to keep your employees connected and productive at the same time.  In addition to helping you maintain an open channel of communication with […]