How to Use the Calendar Widget in Woffice

One of the important features to keep an eye out for when picking an Intranet WordPress theme is a calendar widget.  A calendar widget has many uses. For one thing, it makes appointment booking possible on your website.  Also, a […]

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How to Setup Custom Login Page in WordPress Using Woffice?

Using an Intranet WordPress theme like Woffice on your website is one of the best, effective ways to keep your employees connected and productive at the same time.  In addition to helping you maintain an open channel of communication with […]

A Beginner’s Guide: WordPress Admin Panel Tutorial

WordPress is a user-friendly CMS that even the first-timers who have never seen any WordPress Admin Panel tutorial before choosing it to power their projects. This is no small measure of the success of the CMS in a highly competitive […]

Is Dynamic Marketing Compliant with GDPR? The Case of GDPR Marketing

This article is a guest post from the team at Cookiebot. They share their insights into GDPR and how it affects online businesses. This topic is of interest to you, and you have to watch out for this kind of […]

What is a Good WordPress Community Theme: BuddyPress Theme and Others?

Here is the question, how do we find a good WordPress community theme? Communities are everywhere. Online, offline. Connected, not connected. But here is the thing. You want your community to be engaged. You don’t want it to shade off […]

How To Create a BuddyPress Members Map With Vue.js

Let’s create our BuddyPress Members Map using Vue.js. Welcome to you. This article will explain to you how to create a fully dynamic Google Maps of your BuddyPress Members on your WordPress site, on any page. Easily. This tutorial is […]

13 of the Best Collaboration Tools for Business

If you are like me, you have, at least once, been looking for the perfect collaboration tool for your business. Did not feel like you could find the right software? Nor did I. Which is why I went ahead and […]

Extensive Guide of The Best Intranet Software

Like for many things today, you have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing an intranet software that suits your needs. But how to find the best intranet software? I have already covered the benefits of using an […]

Benefits of Using an Intranet

Successful organizations choose to use an intranet. And there is a reason for that. Intranets offer a tons of benefits. With the increasing number of applications and providers used, it is important for employees to be able to easily keep […]

A Fullstack Developer Guide To Small Business Website

Is your small business growing but you are finding it difficult to cope up with it’s increasing challenges?  Does it feel hard to skyrocket your sales volume? Can’t figure out how to maintain a sound relationship with customers and to […]

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