Woffice CRM and Jetpack CRM 5.0: Things you’re missing out on

Lead management has long been a challenge and a tricky part of every business, regardless of size. This is why selecting the ideal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool for your business is highly important.

The right CRM solution will not just enable you to organize your leads in a centralized place, but it will also help you streamline your operations, increase conversion, and ultimately, be more efficient in delivering service to your customers.

A CRM can help you grow your business in so many ways such as:

a. Provides top-tier customer service. CRM allows you to store data and information about your prospects – past purchases, websites visited, and personal preferences — hence, giving you the chance to provide better service and understanding of their challenges.

Offering excellent customer service to your customers, either existing or potential, is more than just providing them with the necessary information and/or steps about their concerns. It goes beyond, you should be able to know all of their transactions and engagements to further know the nature of their concern and ultimately provide a viable solution.

b. Improves workplace communication and collaboration. Since all the data from your CRM platform are being shared across different departments within the organization, building communication between employees became much easier. Information is well-disseminated, hence, employees are able to know every inch of detail about the customer helping the company increase its overall efficiency.

With CRM, you’ll get to know who is the last employee the customer interacts with, what product they’ve previously purchased, and everything that they’ve done. All of those activities can be retrieved easily through CRM leaving no place for misunderstanding and contradictory information.

c. Boosts customer retention. By using the right CRM software for your business, your team got to proactively know the status of each customer. Are they new? Existing? At-risk? Or perhaps futile?

By means of these statuses, you’ll get to know exactly what account needs to be addressed immediately and what accounts need follow-up. Knowing precisely when to reach out allows you to increase satisfied customers and ultimately, encourage repeat purchases.

Upgrade your ‘better’ with Woffice CRM and Jetpack CRM

As we’ve mentioned earlier, choosing the right CRM tool that best suits your business can be quite tricky and challenging. Others might offer you pricey but too complicated, or too cheap but do not include features you need.

Let’s review the major features of these two (2) CRM tools: Woffice CRM and Jetpack CRM and decide which is which!

Woffice CRM

Woffice CRM is just one of the many products offered by Woffice. It is an add-on that helps you enhance your Woffice through a full-blown CRM, allowing you to manage and operate multiple elements in your business.

Through Woffice CRM, you can:

  • Add prospects and customers, conveniently
  • Have a full-blown and detailed CRM
  • Define leads status and user type. With WOffice CRM, you can assign a status to your leads as well as display the statuses alongside the assigned leads to them. Status includes the following: Action Required, Archived, Follow up, Ignorable, Important, New, Stale, and Waiting. You can also add more lead status according to your liking.
  • Add through front-end and back-end integration. You can create leads from the back end and front end.
  • Have different social media options
  • Have Custom Fields
  • Full API with hooks and filters
  • Access history content that is available for the user
  • Add some private notes to the client, although the field is only available in the backend while editing the lead.

You can enjoy these features with just a $15.00 annual subscription with 1-year updates and support and a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Jetpack CRM 5.0

Jetpack CRM 5.0 is a newer version launched on its 6th year anniversary. It is one of the most trusted and convenient tools for WordPress-based businesses and with its newer version, it comes with free WooCommerce connectivity, instead of a separate and premium extension.

With Jetpack CRM 5.0, you can:

  • Completely get modular. Mix and match the features you need without having to juggle or pay for the ones you don’t.
  • Can manage everything in one centralized location — your website, your eCommerce store, and your CRM. No logging in and out.
  • Work seamlessly with the plugin, syncing sales and other customer data automatically, and customize your WooCommerce store with extensions.
  • Can integrate additional tools like Twilio, Mailchimp, Awesome Support, ConvertKit, and Optin Monster
  • Work it with other major WordPress plugins like Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7
  • Know exactly what to expect each month since they do not charge based on the number of contacts you have or your sales volume
  • Access the majority of its features in a free plan
  • Can either upgrade to a premium plan or purchase the extensions you need separately if you want extra tools
  • Plans and extensions are priced competitively to make them available to everyone.

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