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5 votes

Add more fields for search

Include more fields for search inside the default Woffice search engine, based on the WOffice Meta Search (https://woffice.io/downloads/woffice-meta-search/)

Category: Addons 0 comments
3 votes

Woffice Kanban Task Privacy

Add a feature to have only Tasks assigned or owned by the logged in user, rendered within the Kanban. Tasks for users that are not part of a project should not be rendered in the Kanban.

Category: Addons 0 comments
3 votes

Task Privacy

Integrate an option in Tasks whereby users can specify members who can view a particular Task.

Category: Task Management 0 comments
2 votes

Add Show Password Functionality

Within the Password field on login and registration form, it would be great to add a functionality to show / hide the password on the fields

Category: New Feature 0 comments