A Fullstack Developer Guide To Small Business Website


Is your small business growing but you are finding it difficult to cope up with it’s increasing challenges? 

Does it feel hard to skyrocket your sales volume?

Can’t figure out how to maintain a sound relationship with customers and to pull the reins of the expenditures insinuating to the revenue area?

Are you struggling to get an extra holiday from your business to spend time with your family?

Honestly, these are the pain points where almost every small business owner discovers them in. If you are overwhelmed by any of these phenomena, then it’s time to put a halt to these. To sum up, in one sentence, these challenges can easily be tackled and managed efficiently with a suitable ERP software solution.

Now, go, get your Scuba gear out, because we will take you to a deep dive to the benefits and implementation process of an ERP solution with the goodness of WordPress.

How an ERP software can give you a bump on your overall productivity?

Generally, the small business owners have to deal with the basic business managerial activities like managing the Human Resources, maintaining a sound relationship with Customers and managing Accounting and Projects. Here are some of the frequently faced scenarios by the small business owners that can be knocked down with an ERP software are:

Do the basic HRM problems challenge you?

It can be extremely hard to manually count who is present and who is absent. Besides, it can take a whole day to count all the employees’ attendance during a year.

However, if you are using an ERP solution, then it will be way easier to calculate the number of attendance of each and every employee’s attendance. What’s more! these solutions can even count the working hours, overtime hours, remaining leave days and show the data with graphical representations.

You can also use an ERP tool to effortlessly make important announcements for your human resources.

Worried about the inefficient recruitment Process?

An ERP solution provides you with an efficient recruitment process. To hire the most eligible employees you will only have to create a job post, set questionnaires for the screening test. But that’s not the end! You can also fix the interview room and the interviewer.

Want to evaluate your employees’ performance?

Measuring the work performance of employees is, undoubtedly, a tough task and requires taking feedback from the team leads and saving those feedback in employee profiles. A good ERP solution ensures doing just that. With an ERP software, you can get a complete employee report.

Can’t remember the asset possessions?

Throughout the business operations, you may need to allocate a number of assets ranging from laptops to calculators to headphones to desktops and so on to your employees. Keeping track of them will require you to prepare handwritten documents to preserve the records.

Luckily, this can easily be done with just a mere asset management feature of an ERP system.

Are your valuable company papers disappearing?

Physical papers are definitely important but the thing is they can easily be stolen and damaged. Furthermore, they consume a plenty of office spaces and more importantly, you have to spend a great deal of money on them.

This problem can easily be solved with a document management feature in an ERP solution with which you can easily share documents among your employees anytime via the internet.

Having trouble in managing the payroll?

Dealing with payrolls is definitely tough but managing payrolls as per federal tax compliance is tougher. Fortunately, an ERP tool will pave you the way to manage payrolls according to the federal tax rates by creating various pay items like allowance or deduction for your employees.

Having a tiresome experience to manage your business contacts?

Back in the days, business owners or managers were used to maintaining separate Rolodexes for registering and keeping the contacts organized. But in this analog method, finding the desired contact within a second was next to impossible.

But with a CRM tool, you can not only store unlimited contacts but can also find them instantly. Some ERP tools even come with advanced conditional search options to find a group of contacts bearing a particular set of characteristics. These characteristics include customer life stages like visitors, leads, opportunities, and customers.

Some ERP tools will help you save contacts and companies separately so that individuals do not get mixed up with companies.

Looking for integrations with other customer support solutions?

If you are already using some cloud-based services like Awesome Support, Zendesk, and Help Scout to support your customers with tickets and do not want to switch to WP ERP for these features. Not to worry. Because WP ERP can easily get integrated with these solutions nd can work simultaneously.

Want to make your workflow more automated?

In some ERP solutions, you can trigger actions based on a number of events. You can set conditions like event A will happen if someone triggers event B. This is useful if you want to automate your emails when someone subscribes to your website or does a particular action.

Guide your CRM agents more efficiently

With an ERP system, you can easily guide your CRM agents to streamline your sales process with a faster method. Whenever you make a deal with any of your contacts, the system automatically updates the status of each of the deals.

Need to manage Accounting without an accountant?
For some of us, we love to do things with the ‘DIY’ approach. But maintaining the accounting calculation will require you to have a vast technical know-how. For instance, preparing a balance sheet or income statement is pretty technical.

Adding to that, if you think that employing a professional accountant will save your day then you are wrong. Because you will have to give him or her a good amount of compensation. To this end, an ERP system will give a boost if you want to manage the accounting problems without a professional accountant.

Want to manage inventories in a whole new way?

Never feel stressed while you are trying to manage your inventories. It’s because the advanced ERP tools will let you create invoices for the stocks. Some ERP system generates reports on the purchase, stocks, and sales too.

Like to empower your teammates with the reimbursement process?

If you are not in the office, never make others feel your absence. With the reimbursement functionality of an ERP software, you can allow your employees to spend on various things. No matter how many times they spend with your business, the only thing that they need to do is to input the expenditure into the system and get repaid from you.

Does project management feel like a pain in the neck?

As we ourselves, manage a number of projects and each member go through numerous tasks simultaneously. It becomes really tough to micromanage every single task. But, with a Project Management feature of an ERP software can facilitate you with the all the nitty-gritty to manage your projects. With a project management feature, you can easily add certain employees for a particular project or tasks.

Some sophisticated ERP tools have a project management feature that will allow you to find a project or task using a search bar. Moreover, you will get a dashboard to see the overall progress of tasks or projects over time.

To manage projects, some ERP tools also come with time tracking feature in the project management section so that the employees can track their individual time spent on a particular task.

Why will you go for WordPress?

* The most popular and absolutely free CMS to date
* Powers up more than one-third of the total websites of the world.
* Getting helped easily from a massive community across the world.
* Has a ton of free themes and plugins in its official directory.
* Safe website management.
* Open-source and customizable.

Why will you choose WordPress ERP?

WordPress ERP (also known as the WP ERP) is the one of a kind ERP which is only built for WordPress. It is really hard to find a solution that has all the bells and whistles to manage a business enterprise. Even though yours has such, there is a high chance that you are paying for some features that you will never need at all.

This is why an ERP tool with scalability features according to your specific needs is a matter of utmost priority. Only a few ERP tools provide you with this scalability features. You can consider WP ERP for the following valid reasons:

* The core version is completely free.
* Ships with three free modules HRM (Human Resource Management, CRM (Customer Resource Management) and Accounting.
* Easy implementation method.
* An integrated project management tool.
* All you need is a WordPress site to implement.
* Scalable with a host of extensions in line with your advanced needs.
* Online based system will allow you and your team to access any time into the system.
* A host of comprehensive and rich documentation and on-demand customer support.
* A good customer reviews along with a good 4.5 rating out of 5.
* 7000+ active installs.
* Open source and customizable

How to implement WP ERP in your WordPress site?

If you already have a WordPress site, navigate to the WP Admin Dashboard → Plugins → Add New → Search for “wp erp” → Click on the “Install Now” button.

Install WP ERP
Install WP ERP

Next, simply hit the ‘Activate’ button to complete the installation process like any other WordPress plugins.

Activate WP Erp
Activate WP Erp

Out of the box, you will get a step by step setup wizard that will help you configure the system as per your business. You can read this thorough walkthrough to complete the setup wizard. Once you finish the Setup Wizard, you are ready to use the ERP system for your business.

The final outcome

As the core version of WordPress ERP is free, it will surely keep the implementation costs lower. And there is an opportunity to extend the functionality of the tool according to your needs over time. As a small business owner, we believe, you will be able to stay way ahead of your competitors if you are using this WordPress ERP solution.

Finally, you can also try the demo version of the tool to get a hands-on experience.