In this third customer story we have Mohammad, who uses Woffice for a notable purpose: an intranet for a government sector.
In this article you will discover how Woffice and WordPress have helped him to achieve his important goal.

1. Hello Mohammad, please let us know something about you

My name is Mohammad and I work in IT Department at government sector in Kuwait. Our department deals with many deal with many huge companies, but unfortunately I cannot provide more details for privacy. I was looking for a simple intranet and I found a lot of solutions with many with different price tags and I preferred Woffice among them.

2. Why have you chosen Woffice to build your intranet?

I didn’t find anything good for the eye, beautiful and customizable at the same time like Woffice. We need the employees to enjoy the work and I believe the interface is one of the main things that allow the users to be excited to use it. Plus there is no monthly payment per user or anything like that.

3. Did you find in Woffice what you were looking for?

Woffice gave me almost everything I need in an intranet. It help as managing all the users and keeping an eye for the next goals. And it help the users to find each other using the Member directory. It helps to manage the users easily by giving them tasks in the projects so the work will be arranged and sorted in each department and section.

4. What is the feature in Woffice that you definitely prefer and that helped more than any other one?

Projects is the best feature in Woffice, it’s not perfect yet but so useful. The manager can check all the departments’ projects in a single page and see the timeline for each department. So he can keep an eye for the whole work in a click.

5. In your opinion, is Woffice easy enough to use for a beginner?

Woffice is easy for anyone with 0 code experience. It have a lot of functions that you can customized it for months. I had many problems at the beginning but support team has helped me to solve them quickly.  You can mange to build a great intranet for any huge organization.

6. What is the most useful plugin for your application?

The Pro event is one of the best plugin in Woffice. We are using it for many things. Viewing and Booking a halls. Also posting an events for the internal employees with the ability to use each event as a single page. Plus we can know how many persons are going to attend with the booking feature.

7. Why did you picked WordPress to build your intranet?

I chose WordPress because I have tried it before and using WordPress is easy and not expensive at all.

8. Is there something that you would say to Alkaweb team or to the future Woffice customers

If you want to use a beautiful Intranet, customizable, easy to use, and without monthly fees. Woffice is what you are looking for.


Here’s Antonio again. Thank you so much Mohammad for your kind words, replies like these make our day!