With most of the things that changed after 2019, Project Managers (PMs) remain to be consistent, going above and beyond.

Being an effective PM is not an overnight process particularly with the ongoing pandemic shredding every inch of hope for businesses’ success. PMs grind on this new and unusual setup became more complex so it is challenging to stand out.

To be an effective PM, going on to the next level will require you to be fueled with all the necessary skills and attributes that will serve as your strong foundation to adapt and venture into the tough and demanding industry of Project Management.

Read further to know more facts on how to be a highly effective Project Manager.

An effective PM should:

  1. Be a good communicator – It may sound as niche as it is, but communication holds a very important role in project management. Be it communication towards your teammates or other stakeholders, this attribute is one of the most critical skills PMs should possess. Many would confuse over this but take into account that a good communicator is not just a person with speaking prowess, but also with strong and excellent listening skills. With this skill, you get to develop the mindset to always seek first understanding rather than to be understood. Through listening, PMs can deeply connect with other people which makes it easier for them to align themselves with the tasks, responsibilities, and expectations when realizing a project. Level up your communication skills with Woffice Advanced Emails, a WordPress & Woffice Emails Visual Builder to spice up your conversation for as low as $19.00 annually.
  2. Be a leader – Relative to what the old adage says “You cannot please everybody,” this context also applies to project management. You cannot always go after what your teammates want you to do, that is not how we should convey leadership. Being a leader means you have the authority to lead the team, not the other way around. If your team manifests strong respect towards you, it was something that you’ve earned yourself. If you are a rookie aiming to develop this skill, in all honesty, it’s definitely not a piece of cake. Leadership all boils down to your ability to motivate and drive your team toward optimum performance and productivity. It entails a lot of commitment and dedication to usher the group in the right direction and ensure that no one is left behind. It’s a never-ending journey of learning the hard ways.
  3. Be committed and determined – The business industry has a broader scope composed of different players, ideas, and strategic innovations. In this fast-paced industry, it is really challenging to spearhead a project with 100% assurance of success. Everything is a gamble where PMs’ solid commitment and determination are being tested. From the initiation to close, an effective PM should be able to consistently move forward and patiently craft solutions when problems present themselves. However, all those measures if carried out efficiently will generate positive outcomes if and only if, there is an element of consistency and this leads us to the next attribute..
  4. Be consistent – In trying to accomplish a project, going under a lot of pressure and experiencing questionable and unsure events are quite normal. What’s not is to quit after learning all the challenges and leave off the team. Being consistent is being able to draw yourself back from the thought of quitting and slacking off, instead, take pains to meet project requirements consistently. Forget project management, in all sorts of work we must go beyond the ordinary and remain persistent to achieve our full potential. Ensure that you handle your tasks well through Woffice Timeline, the easiest option to review the projects, tasks, and your team member’s work for as low as $19.00 annually.
  5. Fosters accountability and integrity – Not everything that you plotted will go exactly according to plan. Of course, there will always be a particular period where it will all be messed up and point fingers. Given that case, being accountable and accepting the mistake is one of the safest routes to take. Aside from it will bring clarity to what goes wrong, it will also develop transparency between the group which is a good foundation for a strong and healthy organization. Instead of blaming others, set aside egos, determine where it all messed up, and develop solutions. To foster accountability in your organization, track your team’s tasks and responsibilities through Woffice Kanban Project View to easily map out, disseminate, and monitor the tasks efficiently.
  6. Be Resilient – In the latter part of 2019 when the pandemic happened, it is one of the most difficult obstacles that businesses and PMs ever anticipated. Some overlooked it resulting in failures and prolonged setbacks, however, a highly effective PM embraced that uncertainty and immediately crafted a plan with all the possible countermeasures to prevent the deterioration of the problem.

To begin with, PM is indeed not simple work to do as it requires tons of effort and critical thinking. Try to apply and incorporate all these skills and attributes to become a highly effective Project Manager ready to face the grueling but challenging reality of Project Management.

Make it up to Woffice and brace yourself to become a highly effective Project Manager.


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