How to be a Good Project Manager


Mar 2022

How to be a Good Project Manager

The ultimate roundup of becoming a better PM ‘you might be missing’


 Let’s face it —- you can never accept the fact that someone can outdo you in terms of ‘doing better.’

We hate being overlooked!

Sometimes, when faced with project failure, you would come across the thought “what went wrong?” Oftentimes, you’ll just shrug it off and will not concern yourself with it.

But mind you, that is not always the case. Project Managers are at the forefront of any project so incompetence might inflict critical damage to the whole project team. 

So above all, leveraging this role will help you clear everything up on your plate.

Now, let’s dig further.


What is a Project Manager? 


In general, a Project Manager, commonly known as PM, is the person responsible for managing a specific project which includes scheduling, handling finances, assessing risks, and utilizing resources. 

They are the persons behind a timely project completion so they are always after the objectives.

Meanwhile, in the B2B industry, they are the person responsible for communicating with the clients and providing them with the necessary support they need. Unlike regular support agents, PMs build strong relationships with their clients as they are directly involved with them.

Now, probably you might be questioning what you are missing. Check out these tips on how to be a PM better than you are right now:

  1. Develop effective communication and build your audience 

  • Being in the project management industry, you are expected to show outstanding communication skills that will allow you to build customer relationships. However, before doing so, it is important to establish the appropriate tools where you can effectively connect with your potential clients.

According to Smartegies,  an effective platform allows you to influence the market perception of your company, engage with target audiences, and drive business growth.

Founderphone allows you to deliver exceptional customer support via text and calls, directly from Slack. Slack is one of the popular communication software that you can use in case you’re looking for the perfect platform to connect with your clients/ team.


  1. Determination and resilience

  • PMs should be determined to go down the narrow path of project management. Being able to have a solid goal and go through difficulties to achieve it is important. However, to pull it off efficiently, you need to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Using your strengths will allow you to maximize your chance to deliver a favorable outcome.

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Resiliency is also one of the key drivers you need to develop to quickly recover from disruptions. Capitalizing on this skill can help you minimize risks that might jeopardize your craft in the long run. 

PMs that have already developed resilience in a complex work environment are able to look for the advantage in every situation and redirect the team back to its track. 


  1. Excellent Time Management

  • Even in schools, students had never been in a day where they weren’t lectured on how to properly manage their time. Time management enhances productivity, decision-making and allows you to complete the tasks within the allotted time frame. 

As PMs, poor time management may lead to ineffective decision making, work disruption, or worse off, project failure. Timely or advanced completion of all the deliverables will save the team more time to do other possible opportunities if it presents itself.

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  1. Excellent Leadership 

  • PMs accomplish an undeniably great deal of projects and along with it, they are also set to supply the project team with the necessary motivation to translate plans into action. However, take note that your team is composed of people with different beliefs, personalities, and skills, hence, ushering them into one direction can be pretty challenging. 

As PM, you should utilize your members well and bring out their strengths so you can maximize the output. You may opt to plan a team-building session or a weekly huddle to get to know what they’re good at and what rooms need improvement.

Motivating, communicating, and listening to your team are just a few of the skills that you might incorporate to elevate your team’s performance and as much as possible, avoid toxic work environments. 

When it comes to project management, there is no other way to explain how Project Managers devoured almost half of the pie. As a prime person responsible for transforming raw ideas into apparent reality, PMs need to develop the necessary skills that will be vital in successful customer conversion and project completion.


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